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A Fool and his Money ...The latest phone scams

old man emu

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Everyday one of us comes across a new scam to rid us of our money. In the interests of keeping all up to speed on the current scams, here's a thread for you to inform the rest of us of new scams.


SCAM 1: Please confirm the purchase of a gift card

Source: Phone call from an (03) area code. The usual source of calls from India.

Details: Caller claims to be confirming the credit card purchase of a gift card. The amount is not outrageous (ours was around $149). Please confirm purchase by pressing "1" on your keypad. To decline the purchase, press "2".

Not having pressed either one, I can't tell you what happens next, but I imagine that pressing "1" gets nowhere, but "2" might put you on a Premium overseas call, which you will pay for through the nose.

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