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Major train collision, NE of Perth, W.A.


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News outlets are reporting a major collision between two trains on the main East-West line, at Jumperkine, in the Avon Valley, about 25kms NE of Perth. A freight train has rear-ended a grain train that was stopped.


The destruction is quite substantial. It is being reported the driver of the freight train has died, after initial reports said he'd suffered "critical injuries".


Naturally, the line will be closed for some time while it's cleared and the track is repaired, meaning substantial disruption to passenger services, freight and commodities, into and out of Perth and Kwinana, W.A.'s bulk grain port.


This area is difficult to access, very hilly and confined, the track largely follows the Avon River through the Valley to Toodyay.


It's going to be a spoilt Christmas for a lot of people as they contend with 36° predicted for Christmas Day, as they set to, to clear the wreckage and repair the track.


And for the family of the train driver killed, not a happy Christmas at all.





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