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Internet Explorer 9 not displaying Rec Flying properly!!

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Are any of you other dinosaurs running Vista 64 operating system on your computer, getting a meesage up the top that your browser is out of date and is not displaying the website properly? Only seems to effect the notification buttons and the top of page button at the bottom. When I downloaded IE 11 and then IE10 I got a message that my operating system can't run the installation file. Windows update says everything is up to date.


Is anyone running Vista 64bit with a later Internet Explorer than 9.0.8112.16421 successfully?


I have tried Chrome but don't like the continuous bombardment with video ads that open themselves and chew up my meager dowload allocation, don't get that with Internet Explorer.



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It could be one of the scripts that could be causing the issue or our security software we use on the site. This weekend, being a long one and not going home for it, I am going to try and update it then. The forum software will be updated, the security will be updated and I will most likely be removing the chat room which will reduce the scripts as well. I will be interested to know if your issue is fixed after this.



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Firefox with the following add-ons is IMHO the ultimate in web browsing safety;


Adblock (essential and fully configurable). https://adblockplus.org/en/firefox


NoScript Allows you to decide which scripts any given site may run. http://noscript.net/


WOT Web of Trust. Will warn you if a site has a bad reputation based on user experiences. https://www.mywot.com/


As for antivirus and malware protection, I believe there is no substitute for user discretion. Combine this with Microsoft Security Essentials and security is yours - FREE! http://www.microsoft.com/security/pc-security/microsoft-security-essentials.aspx


In my opinion, MSE is miles ahead of any other freeware antivirus in effectiveness, detection rates and uses minimal resources.


Be warned, NoScript will take some configuration but the end result is worth it.


Just my two centavos worth!



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