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Samsung 12.2 inch tablet


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Some time ago I purchased a Microsoft surface pro 2 but it only lasted a couple of weeks before I sold it. Trying to run windows on a 10 inch screen is very frustrating and near impossible trying to tap files in explorer, using drop downs etc not to mention the eye strain that limited my use of it to only short bursts...In my opinion the surface pro lacks an identity to what it is trying to be, a tablet without Internet connectivity unless you use wifi or purchase an Internet dongle and have that sticking out the side and have to carry around with you, or a very small pc that is hard to use.


Yesterday I went out and purchased the mother of all tablets...The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 inch with both wifi and 4G connectivity...WOW, this ain't for the faint hearted...it's BIG and probably too big for many but there is nothing like having a keyboard this size to minimize your typing mistakes with your fingers and reading documents/Web pages in A4 size just like you would normally do on paper. Battery life seems brilliant, it's not even draining the battery...The reviews are saying about 10 hours battery life so I can believe that.


The note taking capabilities with the s-pen seems extremely powerful with what playing I have done with it so far, videos are so crystal clear compared to the ipad I was using, now a good plate for my instant dinners. Still, there is a lot more exploring to do with this new toy, oops tool, to see what it's full potential is going to be, too big for a cockpit, unless you make room specifically for one and use it with aviation apps while flying, but nonetheless a magical tablet for those like me with big fingers and old age eye sight



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What is the screen brightness like as most (at least the cheaper tablets) are useless in bright ambient light? I may look at getting an ASUS Nexus or Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 & at present I have a 7" Android tablet which is fine indoors but hopeless outdoors. I have a space in the centre of my panel that will take a 7" tablet to run EasyVFR.


My cheapie is fairly well specced though with a 1.5GHZ dual core CPU, 1024x600 resolution 1GB DDR3 RAM, 8GB storage, 16 GB SD card, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS running 4.1.1 jellybean & only cost $130.00 but needs a dongle for data access. I'm fairly certain it will run OK but whether I can see anything is another matter.



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I have a Surface Pro 2, easily the best computer I've owned & personally find no problem with the screen size - I use a combination of touch, keyboard & mouse depending upon the task. The build quality and screen resolution is fantastic, battery life could be better. Unlike guts with screens bigger is always better of course, but then you have to carry both about...



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