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Interested in business in China?


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In case anyone is interested ...


A city close to me is currently building a new shipping port (river port) hand in hand with a major industrial development area.


They are very keen to attract Foreign companies who will use the export facilities to make this development a success, attracting investment, local employment etc.


The strategies on offer are extremely lucrative from major chunks of prime titled industrial land for free (obvious qualifying period but otherwise no catches), assistance with financing (get the land for free then mortgage it is just one way), Gov grants depending on subject, patents/IPR costs covered, legal assistance and generally the full support of the Government. Theres a lot more advantages as well.


If you are aware of an Australian company who, for instance, is looking to expand their product to International markets and need the right base or one who is looking to start up, the bigger the better obviously but small is ok as well, I would mention to you that in Chinese culture it's common to recieve between 3% and 10% as a typical introduction fee on initial gross contract value.


If for example you introduced a company who invested $20mil locally you could walk away with $1mil in your pocket - ask me how I know.


This isn't exclusive to Oz companies btw but I do like to give Oz a leg up where I can, better profits go to Oz than elsewhere.



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