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'Pipe Dream' - worth a look

Gnarly Gnu

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Assuming this is legit not sure how the engine handles the water?



"Stunt rider Robbie “Maddo” Maddison had a “pipe dream” — literally. He dreamed of taking his dirt bike off road and onto the waves. For two years, he’s been in the process of fine-tuning a bike with specialized wheels that could do just that."



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A Paddle rear tyre and some skis and what appears to be a life jacket strapped to the tank. Suspect it may have been an inflating life jacket with an auto inflate system.






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Yes but if he had put the three cylinder Rotax Seadoo motor in it he could have solved a myriad of problems before he started. Yes he thought outside the square but he never got outside the circle. Still and all a bloody good effort and I would love a 30 minute session on it.



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