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Reflex action in accidents


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This is an award winning UK safety video about a motor cycle accident at 160 km/hr.


I've spoken a number of times about training your subconscious to react in perhaps 20/100 to 50/100 of a second rather than going through the recognition cycle which can take two or three seconds.


In this case the speed is not high - about 87 knots, and the video shows what you have to deal with if perhaps a cable or low hanging branch comes into view, or if you are coming out of cloud incident and get a momentary glimpse of the ground.


We a pre-programmed subconscious which way would you have flicked as you saw the car start to turn.





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An interesting video. I have watched this many times. Very difficult to answer what I would have done but I rehearse these situations on the road every day. I also at least bianually do some form of advance riding course. I don't think there was a correct answer for David. His fate was sealed when he decided to ride at those speeds on a public road. This is not critcism of him but of the choice he made to put himself and others in danger on a public road. I see these things every day and as a truckie I put put my own life in danger on at least a weekly basis to save the life of someone who made a decision like that. If is one of the few aspects of my job that I do not enjoy. One day I may write a book about some of the things that I have seen on the road. But then most people wouldn't believe most of it.



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