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    • Moonrise
      By: Marty_d · 16/09/20
      Thanks Peter, that was magnificent.   Lovely version of the song too.
    • Moonrise
      By: Jerry_Atrick · 15/09/20
      Two photos of the moonrise this morning (couldn't find my polarising filter, so the foreground is dark, which is a shame)...   When I first saw it, it was around where the 2:20 minute mark of the video... By the time I got the first shot, you can see how much it moved. Have to be quick around here..    
    • Moonrise
      By: onetrack · 14/09/20
      The East Coasters get a better moonrise than us in the West. The moon rising over the ocean, with its cleaner air, ensures a sharper and more spectacular moonrise. We on the Left Coast get the moon rising over land or forests, with the lower air levels polluted with dust particles, bushfire smoke, and eucalyptus fumes. This can sometimes lead to a different colour of moonrise, but our moonrise is rarely as sharply-defined as moonrise on the East Coast. I can remember watching a moonrise at
    • Philosophy of Life
      By: gareth lacey · 02/09/20
      Very true, too many people worry about the small things in life and let the big things slip away(time) is one of them, for me as i get/got older i try my best to consider and do as much as i can for a full life, sadly some people will never understand what is important to them and their family, on days that i set aside for tasks i write 4 items down that i will complete that day, family first(friends come and go).  
    • Vintage Lock from 1680
      By: old man emu · 24/07/20
      And to think that all the internals were hand made with file and saw. 
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