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On 24/07/2021 at 11:57 AM, red750 said:


I remember a perfect cartoon to illustrate that… I can’t find it, but was amazed and at how many have been drawn on this universal theme:

Just google too many supervisors cartoon





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Bludy Freezing, at night.

Day,s are getting better.

I wouldn't mind living in ' far north Queensland '

Chilly at night but ho so warm in the Tropical sun !.

Swimming at Cains it was 25 in the sea & the rain felt like needles hitting you.


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6 hours ago, nomadpete said:

Just a mask for you Spacey?

It's winter. Won't you feel a bit chilly?

Maybe he could wear 2 masks.  Are they as big as a fig leaf?

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If I read that label correctly, it is for use when having sex with ostriches who are too dry. Understandable, I suppose. I wonder what animals the New Zealand version is for, and what is the aviation connection?

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8 hours ago, onetrack said:

Marty, did you know that NZ has a Renepo Gel Aviation Products Ltd? I really need to know what exactly those aviation products are!


Are they something you just use on hostesses, or do they have much wider uses?



Whatever the product was, it can't have been too successful - they were only around from June 2005 to December 2006. Knees remained tightly together apparently.

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