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Silly Picture Thread.

Phil Perry

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The Americans use of certain words, that carry different meanings Down Under, is definitely hilarious to us.

I wonder if you do end up in this state, after consuming a few too many of their ciders and wines ....




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5 hours ago, red750 said:


The Meme is funny, I still find the fact the mother of current complainant allowed her 17 year older daughter onto the yacht of a multi millionaire and prince because it would “further her modelling career” a grub. These types do not court the attention of young women for a game of tidly winks or scrabble. When will people learn you reap what you sow.

rant over.


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The old saying, "It takes Two to Tango" still holds true as regards these young women and Prince Andrew and Epstein and Maxwell. I note that Virginia Guiffre still has inconsistencies in her accounts of her time with these people. A lot of these young women who engineer themselves into these positions with the rich and (in)famous, reckon it's all good fun - until someone tells them it's not good fun, and they're being abused - and then suddenly, they realise they can get lots of money by complaining.

Guiffre claims she was "trafficked", but she was quite free to come and go AFAIK, and that's not "trafficking", IMO. There's still thousands of these pretty young girls out there, in the same position as Guiffre, and they're still happy to trade sex with millionaires, in exchange for having lots of money lavished on them. By the same token, I reckon Andrew is a pretty deceitful liar.

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