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Does Mein Kampf have a place in the study of Political Science

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The W.A. RSL has no club affiliations and no pokies, and no gambling, full stop - apart from a game of Two-up on Anzac Day. 

Not surprisingly, the W.A. RSL clubs are but a shadow of the Eastern States RSL Clubs - and many Eastern Staters are appalled that they can't find the same style of RSL Clubs in W.A., as they do in the Eastern States.

But the W.A. RSL is still very wealthy, owns a lot of halls, and is building a new RSL HQ building in Perth, at a cost of $30M.

You could always get a good cheap feed at the old RSL HQ building in Perth, but the W.A. RSL always struggled to make their food and drinks setup, pay.

The new W.A. RSL HQ building is aimed directly at maximising assistance for veterans. Hopefully their new cafe will provide a good atmosphere, with a range of reasonably-priced food and drinks. 

I have no doubt the new RSL cafe will cater freely to the general public - simply because the number of veterans is dropping dramatically every year, and they could never survive just on veteran customers alone.





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W.A must be doing OK. The RSL in my nearest city which is Gladstone, collapsed many years ago. The RSL hall was sold off and now they meet in the bowls club.

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Just picking up this thread...


In response to the the OP, Mein Kampf does have a place in the study of political science.. it was, after all, the basis of a political party that gained power and had a profound impact on the world. To not study it and the circumstances that gave rise to he Nazi party's rise to power would do a disservice, if nothing else than to sweep it under the carpet and not learn from it. But I do disagree that one should not include the first volume or any of the bad bits, effectively (maybe I read the post wrong). The compedium is to total sum of the philosophy of the political movement.. To be selective about what it taught can provide a skewed basis of learning... dare I say, paint the ideology in a favourable or at least justifiable light.


There is no doubt parts of it that are justifiable or at least understandable. The Germans were opressed after WWI; including workers being killed shot for passive resitance to confiscation of goods for not being able to pay reparations (refer to third bullet point): https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/guides/z9y64j6/revision/5. So the people of Germany were loioking for a bit better/stronger leadership and along comes Hitler at a time when Germany was vulnerable. He did some WWI pedigree apparently, and what he did was not all bad (people have mentioned his anilmal rights laws, and he did repair the economy). Some of his aims were to reclaim Germany and its previous lands.. Reclaiming Germany would have probably been music to liberal Germans as well as any nationlists... But., of course, it went further than that; some argue orchestrated by others in his party (e.g. Himler, Hess, etc).. However, ulitmately, at the helm was Hitler and what gave legitimacy to the party for doing this was Mein Kampf. So, yes, it has to be studied IMHO, but all of it.. not just the less contentious bits.



To the RSL.. my late father used to be a member and went regularly - I think Hampton, but can't be 100% sure. He loved it and it provided a chance for him to meet his mates, have a good feed and there was often something happening on a Saturday night. Luckily, he didn not need to rely on any of its charitable services (in fact, he used to participate in many fund raising efforts). What I don't understand is why it has to be left to charitable organisations to pick up the peices. The government can send you off to war..they should make the resources necessary to look after you properly when you get back.

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The Wentworthville RSL folded  ( now demolished ) 


they left a Gun out side, & another club STOLE it.

Big kerfuffle over the fact, the Army Loaned it to Wentworthville, and not to a different club. 

The police had the job of recovering it, & moving ot by large truck to the Army Barracks.


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12 hours ago, Jerry_Atrick said:

...To the RSL... The government can send you off to war..they should make the resources necessary to look after you properly when you get back.

Throughout history war veterans have ended up as maimed beggars in the street, while the upper ranks enjoy the spoils of victory. People I trust have seen it in both America and Vietnam.

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