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It's just not tennis.

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As I mentioned in Willie's Dec 2018 thread 'Australlian Tennis Season', my son is a tennis umpire. Chair umpire in district tournaments, linesman in major internationals. He has been doing the Oz Open for more than 15 years. Met most of the greats, Sampras, Agossi, etc.


Today he received an email from Tennis Australia. There will be no linespersons at any tournament this season. Line judging will be done electronically. He can be a toilet escort, escorting players if they need to take a break during a match. Not happy, Jan.


On another matter, they were planning a hub in Melbourne during December for international players to quarantine before the Oz Open, just like football teams have done this year. Dickhead Dan hs decreed no international players will be admitted to Victoria. Unless the Oz Open is transferred, looks like an all-Australian tournament. I think the Indian cricket team will be allowed in though.

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