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Yay, Lachlan and I received our Covid test results back and we are both negative...the anxiety the whole family have been enduring from the moment Lachlan was notified as being a close contact has bee

The "Lucky Country" or a the Land of the Lotus Eaters?   The Lucky Country is a 1964 book by Donald Horne. Horne's intent in writing the book was to portray Australia's climb to power and we

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1 hour ago, willedoo said:

I see that panic buying has been rebranded as 'prepared purchasing'.

Perhaps this pandemic will cause some city folk, accustomed to being able to duck down to well-stocked supermarkets, to reassess their priorities.


Rural people tend to have a fortnight’s groceries on hand, plus months’ worth of medication, spare parts, fuel, etc. Is that hoarding or just being sensible?

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Good, bad or indifferent, I followed the "health advice" and got my booster yesterday. My next step will be self-isolation. I'm getting the hell out of Sydney and going where I have a zone of exclusion as far as the eye can see.

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Note that these tests require a modicum of intelligence and attention span by the user.


You have to be able to count to four (drops of sample on a small target), and wait 15 whole minutes before reading the result.


Not sure I have complete faith in this system. Can't trust most bogans to read instructions AND follow them. Not to mention that the test will cost the same as a cask of wine.

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It's quite amazing the botching the government is doing, and the crap excuses and then processes they come up with, and the MSM just let them get away with it. Even here, the government of the day leaning MSM wouldn't stand for it.

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