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    And it's not Friday night, either .....
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    A builder has a little business going erecting timber framed gazebos. He earned a good reputation and jobs started to come rolling in, samping him. He decided to put on some workers, and took up a Government offer under NewStart to get money to employ a young person. He eventually narrowed the selection to two Millenials and decided to give them a trial. For the first part of their first week he had them doing the gopher work as he built a gazebo in site. All the while he was explaining to the young fellow what he was doing. Come Friday morning he told the young fellows that he was going into the bank to get their pay. He said that he thought they had picked up on what he was doing pretty well, so they could carry on while he was away. About a half hour late one of the young fellows saw the other bent over a box of nails, picking them out one at a time, looking at it and throwing it away. "What are you doing?" "I want to nail down the decking, but the heads on all these nails are on the wrong end." " Go find another box of nails. We'll use those ones to nail up the roof battens."
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    You have to hear a Cadillac V16 or a Ford Lincoln Zephyr V12, to understand the real definition of a "smooth engine". The magic commences at 0.36 secs in the first video, and at 13.13 in the second video.
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    I finally got my bike's electrical problems sorted out - sort of. It took nearly a month to get a new electronic regulator from Holland to Sweden, then five days to get it from Sweden. After a lot of checking and double checking, I've got the systems all wired up. I did have a problem with the warning light not going out, but a lot of checking wiring and putting in insulation now has the warning light glowing dimly. That's progress. I'll just have to get the generator output checked. One quick project that I finished on Monday was a vibrating parts tumbler cleaner. I made it from a 12V computer power supply fan, some scrap wood and stuff. I only had to buy four small springs and a cake tin. I am using fine Bonsai gravel as the cleaning medium. This is what it looked like when the prototype was almost finished. I've since fitted an ON/OFF switch and replaced those yellow things (lengths of hot glue stick) with lengths of bamboo garden stake to shorten the open space in the springs and to make things rigid. It hums along unobtrusively as the gravel and dirty parts flow up the outsides then down to the post in the middle. I thres some rusty nuts an bolts in for about 15 minutes and you could see that they were being cleaned up. I was going to use some silicone sealant to seal around the screws that hold the tin to the wood, but since I have another similar fan, and plenty of scrap MDF, I might just buy four more springs and a plastic bowl and make a "sub-sonic" cleaner with liquid cleaning medium. Some time ago, my grandson grew out of his 6V powered car, so I stripped it down and kept the battery and the motor/gearbox. I figured that all I needed to do was mount the motor/gearbox on a board whose joint with a base board was cut at an angle of 20 to 30 degrees to provide a slope. Then whatever container I can find will be supported at the other end by a bolt turing in bushed hole. The good thing about the motor/gearbox is that the connection to the wheels was a simple cogged insert that fitted into the output sprocket of the gearbox. This means that I can simply screw the lid of the medium container and slide it in and out of the output sprocket when necessary. However, the other day a big fat guy with long white beard, and a penchant for red clothes with white trim, engaged me to make a super hero's helmet for my Grandson for Christmas. So this is what I am spending this week making. What I am enjoying is that making the helmet is employing all my modelling, woodworking and model painting skills. If it turns out OK, I might make another super hero's helmet for my son. Both the boys are crazy for these things.
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    The more the number of cylinders the smoother the engine. For brevity, let's call a combustion event a "bang" A single cylinder 4-stroke goes "bang" every second revolution of the crankshaft. (720 degrees) A cylinder in a twin goes bang once per revolution. (360 degrees) A cylinder in a 4-cylinder - two bangs per revolution. (180 degrees) A cylinder in a 6-cylinder - three bangs (120 degrees) A cylinder in an 8 cylinder - four bangs (90 degrees) A cylinder in a 12 cylinder - 6 bangs (60 degrees) The smoothness of an engine depends initially on how often there is a combustion event creating a pressure impulse on the piston.The faster it operates, the more frequent are the pressure impulses. Those impulses cause vibrations and the more vibrations per minute, the closer the peaks come together and we can't sense the gaps in between so well. So the engine feels smoother.
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    Jerry, I think it's good that you are planning and identifying priorities. Besides what you listed, another thing to consider is the local environmental issues of a location. Stuff that isn't mentioned on Real-estate dot com. For instance, Moruya is a nice seaside town. It has a small hospital (major medical work has to travel over the mountains to Canberra), has fairly good services for a small town, is a shortish drive from the major centre of Batemans Bay. It does have great beaches and fishing. It has a nice sealed airstrip, but it is not far east of some serious hills (called the Great Dividing Range) which are steep tiger country, and are known to cause serious turbulence during westerlies. And there is military airspace just north of you. And although it has nice weather in summer, during winter those westerlies blow straight off the Snowies. If you don't like cold, you won't like winter. If you don't like tourists, you won't like summer either - as Moruya is the closest beach for Canberrans to holiday at, and is less than a days drive from Sydney. So after you narrow down your choices, contact a couple of people who live at your shortlisted areas, and get their opinions to further refine your thoughts. After all, it's a big pain to make the move and it can be disheartening to get committed then find out about some deal breaker and have to go through it all again. BTW, I do like Moruya, been visiting it for 40years, but it just wouldn't suit me.
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    I suggest that you make a To-Do list with the most important jobs at the top: 1. Add the water heater to the combustion stove 2. Do the house extensions. 3. Service the Jab 4. Make beer. If you complete 1 & 2, the SWMBO will be happy and let you get on with what you want to do. The Christmas School holidays are coming up so set the grandkids to: 5. Clearing timber 6. Mending fences 7. Assembling the wind generator. 8. Make beer (Tell them drinking beer is a way to prevent dysentery) Then you can get the kind and grandkids to 9. Start building thermalling models to get practical experience about airframes 10. Start maintaining the Lancair. They'll inherit the Jab, so they'll have to know how to maintain it, too. 11. Make beer. (You need something to sip on while you plan how to make a moonshine still)
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    Quite right OME, but what about when you have 20 years of projects in mind but only 5 years of time left? I'm still converting a farm buggy to electric, need to do house extensions, need to keep maintaining my Jabiru plus the kid's Lancair , need to provide the grandkids with robotics stuff, need to improve fencing here at the farm, need to clear up lots of paddocks from excessive fallen tree timber, need to build and fly better thermalling models using a telemetry vario system. I'd like to make my own beer too but the wife says I drink too much without making more. And I look at those moonshine stills advertised on ebay and think about making my own spirits too. Too much to do huh. Not to mention making a wind-generator to charge batteries and adding a water-heating feature to the combustion heater ... gosh the list has grown ...
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    Dreams and ambitions are only unfulfilled if you don't start following them.
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    Getting back to wine, many years ago the best deals were at cellar doors. These days, you get the best price from a discount bottle shop. I think that the discounters screw the wineries, while at the cellar door, they charge a fair price. Being a cheapskate, I buy from bottle shops or online. There is good stuff from WA and NZ around, I bet it is even in England. Once, in England, I tried a French white wine that was very expensive and good, but it was only as good as a much cheaper Australian wine. The point is that you can get good wine wherever you live. I have a hankering to try making my own stuff, but this will be another ambition which will be unfulfilled on account of life being too short. Like making my own propellers.
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